Project Description

Perth & Kinross Primary Schools

Blyth & Blyth were engaged on the packaged schools providing Civil & Structural design.

Location: Perth and Kinross
Client: Hub East Central Scotland Ltd
Cost: £18m
Completion: 2015

Oakbank: The existing school was dated, constructed in the 1970’s and needed complete demolition and replacement. The new accommodation accommodates 392 primary school pupils and 40 nursery places and is arranged by key functions including; admin and staff areas, shared facilities, classrooms, nursery and ASN. These are arranged along a north south circulation axis, branching off east and west from a central node. The building utilises a limited palette of high quality, durable and robust materials, and has been designed to present a sophisticated, refined and appropriate form within this area of Perth.

Crieff: The new school is a two-stream primary with nursery and ASN provision (434 pupils), designed in such a way as to be expandable into a three-stream primary (651 pupils) with minimal disruption. The school also benefits in having hard and soft landscape playground areas. The new building is located in the centre of the site, orientated on a north/south axis to provide an easily recognisable and welcoming entrance from the main access routes off Broich Road and Duchlage Court.

The massing of the school takes advantage of the minimal site constrains and becomes a defined two-storey, simple and compact mass with subtle angulations leading into main entrances. The nursery and primary one playground enjoys a southerly aspect and the MUGA pitch is located on a south-east area accessible both for school and community use.

Key challenges


“Edrington have worked with Blyth and Blyth for the past 15 years on various projects throughout the group and during this time we have developed a close and trusting partnership. B&B offer the full range of engineering services, allowing us to have a one stop shop on engineering consultancy requirements, with the obvious benefits this brings. B&B experience in the whisky industry is second to none which has the double benefit of not wasting time and money having to explain the process each time. As said previously, Edrington have been working with B&B for more than15 years and with a fair wind this relationship will continue for a further 15 years and beyond.”

George McKenzie Engineering Director, The Edrington Group